Lightness of being

I can experience much the same ‘lightness of being’ commonly described as a corollary of Alexander lessons as a result of a many different things happening, such as:

Opening a letter and having an unexpected cheque fall out.
Talking with someone and making a ‘connection’.
Receiving good news.
Going on holiday.
Listening to certain music.
Making a success of something.

I can also experience a ‘heaviness of being’ from other events, such as:

Opening a letter and finding an unexpected tax demand.
Arguing with someone and emphasising our ‘disconnection’.
Receiving bad news.
Cancelling a holiday.
Hearing certain music.
Failing at something.

In each case, it is not hard to recognise it is the setting in motion of a particular train of thought – “I’m rich … I’m poor … I’m loved …. I’m hated … etc, etc,” that precipitates the kinesthetic feeling of lightness or heaviness.

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